Field of application

Main rolling mill drive units
Heavy machinery construction plants

Main features

20-40% higher fatigue torque due to optimized, fully forged yoke design and cold forming processes

Up to 60% higher bearing life capacity than series 498

Tailormade design due to three available design options: maximized torque capacity, maximized bearing life capacity or standard capacity as best compromise of both features

Split bearing eye design assures easy maintenance and reduced turn around time in service

Standard flange connection: Hirth-serrated flanges; tailormade flange connections are possible

Operating angle up to 10°

General details

Torque Range TCSfrom 2117 up to 17000kNm
Flange diameterfrom 600 up to 1200mm (23.6”…46.9”)
Rotation diameter joint from 600 up to 1200mm