Series 230-330

Operating instructions

Engaging and disengaging the coupling

Engaging and disengaging are done by operating the threaded spindle located in the inner part of the coupling. The spindle can be reached from two sides and be operated. The spindle is tightened by means of a socket wrench (see table).


  1. Before engaging the coupling, make sure that the coupling teeth are properly fitted.
  2. The engagement direction is marked by arrows. The spindle may be tightened either clockwise or counterclockwise.
  3. The joint with the coupling component falls back when disengaged. Caution: Danger of injury!

In case of a subsequent installation of the quick release coupling, the driveshaft must be correspondingly shorter.
The threaded spindles of the coupling are lubricated by the supplier with MoS2. Relubrication is recommended from time to time.