Engineering and System Solutions

Dana’s expertise and worldwide network of manufacturing partnerships have sustained its ability to supply economically efficient, high-performance driveshafts (or cardan shafts) to original equipment manufacturers in changing market environments. With a focus on technical innovation, quality performance, reliability, and flexibility, Dana engineers continue to provide customers with the same quality and support they’ve come to expect.

Since 1946, Dana’s GWB™ driveshafts have been known for global innovation and quality performance. Our experience with a multitude of applications, gathered over nearly 70 years, has made Dana a leading manufacturer of shafts for both mobile (passenger car, truck and off-highway) and industrial applications.

A worldwide network of manufacturing facilities and technical centers, together with a team of talented people form the basis of our capabilities. It is our goal to secure this position in the long-term through technical innovation, quality, reliability and flexibility, thereby maintaining our ability to supply economically efficient, high-performance products in an ever-changing market environment.

Our cardan shaft range contains a wide variety of products for various applications, covering a torque range from 2.400 – 16.300.000 Nm.

There are basically two types of cardan shafts which have evolved into a worldwide technology standard. The main difference lies in the design of the bearing eye.

Closed bearing eye:
This is a design used mainly in the mobile sector and for general mechanical engineering applications (GWB Series 687/688 and 587).

Split bearing eye:
Developed for heavy and super-heavy-duty applications, this design (GWB Series 390/392/393 and 492/498), provides compact dimensions, in conjunction with a maximum torque transmission capability and greatly improved service life, apart from facilitating maintenance and assembly operations.


The selection of a driveshaft is determined not only by the maximum permissible torque of the shaft and the connections but also by a variety of other factors. Our engineers can precisely calculate the correct size of the shaft and joint for your application with the use of computer programs created specifically for this purpose.

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